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About Gilding.ie

Gilding.ie is a family owned business operating in Limerick, Ireland. This company was created by Mariusz and Ilona Kozak. They are dedicated to provide the highest and most professional standards in oil gilding and water gilding to individuals, private collectors, professional designers, fine artists, architects and museums. Gilding.ie uses traditional gilding techniques and gilding methods, combined with new technologies in both classical and modern idioms.

Mariusz received his formal training and experience in Poland where he graduated as a professional gilder. He worked in some of the most prestigious ateliers of Poznan, Warsaw, Moscow and Kiev. Specializes in water gilding and his work primarily focuses on architectural gilding using water gilding and oil gilding techniques. He has an eye for detail and is passionate about gilding. Mariusz currently works in Limerick, where he resides, and is available to work on gilding projects anywhere within Ireland.

Ilona finished Fine Art of Photography in Poland. For many years, she works with her beloved husband and together creating unimaginable pieces of art. As time progressed she fell in love with gilding and antique restoration. She gained a lot of experience, while working on prestigious projects with Mariusz. Today in Gilding.ie, Ilona takes control over photography retouching and professional pictures restoration.

In Gilding.ie you can order professional gilding, antique restoration and traditional interior design. You can trust us to create an interior of your dreams. We are masters of gilding and experts in traditional paint finishes.

Gilding Services

  • Traditional Gilding
  • Architectural Gilding
  • Gilded & Painted Furniture
  • Custom Gold Leaf Gilding
  • Contemporary Gilding & Artworks
  • Outdoor Gilding
  • Gilding of Sculpture
  • Polichrome Sculptures
  • Restoration of antique picture frames
  • Custom Gilded Picture Frames

Conservation and restoration gilding work is undertaken with the utmost care. We can use a variety of methods including oil gilding and water gilding, known as the “Rolls Royce” of gilding techniques.

In the studio, we work with a variety of metal leaves including:

  • Pure gold leaf
  • Pure silver leaf
  • Faux-gold leaf (Dutch metal)
  • Faux-silver leaf
  • Aluminium leaf
  • Copper leaf


  • What Is Gilding?

    Gilding is the application of thin sheets of metal (often genuine gold) as a means of surface decoration. Gilding is commonly seen on decorative items such as picture frames, mirrors, furniture, and fine art such as illuminated manuscripts, sculpture and icons.

    Architectural uses include interior and exterior applications and signage. There are two primary methods of gilding – water gilding and oil gilding.

    • Water Gilding
    • Oil Gilding
  • Take Notice

    Traditional water gilding is the most difficult and highly regarded form of gold leafing.
    Modern science cannot duplicate the artistic skill it requires to produce a high quality gold leaf product.