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Traditional Gilding

Traditional water and oil gilding with gold leaf, silver, palladium, aluminum and “Dutch gold.”
The Gilding Studio has extensive experience in gilding wood, metal, glass or stone objects.

Restoration Conservation

The studio repairs and restores damaged furniture and objets’ d’art.
Repair work involves the fabrication of compromised structural elements or missing decorative details or the restoring of deteriorated gesso.

Architectural Gilding

Our Gilding Studio offers architectural gilding for residential and commercial interiors
including both traditional water gilding and oil gilding methods.

Gilded Furniture

Available in both water gilded gold or silver leaf and oil gilded brass or aluminum leaf. Toning treatments include both modern bright and antique patinas. Custom gilded to your design specifications.

Custom Gold Leaf Gilding

It provides the opportunity for the interior designer to work with the gilder directly to reach their vision, whether for a gilded chair, stool, mirror, or a unique decorative accessory.

Gilding of Sculpture

Sculpture has existed as an art form since prehistoric times. Many of these pieces were decorated with painting and gilding, finishes which require periodic maintenance.


  • What Is Gilding?

    Gilding is the application of thin sheets of metal (often genuine gold) as a means of surface decoration. Gilding is commonly seen on decorative items such as picture frames, mirrors, furniture, and fine art such as illuminated manuscripts, sculpture and icons.

    Architectural uses include interior and exterior applications and signage. There are two primary methods of gilding – water gilding and oil gilding.

    • Water Gilding
    • Oil Gilding
  • Take Notice

    Traditional water gilding is the most difficult and highly regarded form of gold leafing.
    Modern science cannot duplicate the artistic skill it requires to produce a high quality gold leaf product.